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Our Industries

We bring broad and deep experience to help our clients understand the market trends, customer needs and competitive dynamics that directly impact their business and investment opportunities from our more than two decades of private equity industry experience spanning hundreds of deals and strategy engagements across a myriad of industries.

While our core verticals are displayed here, we have extensive experience across a range of other markets and industry verticals - including consumer products, retail, and foodservice.

In each of these industries, we have extensive experience doing market sizing, growth forecasting, competitive analysis, and conducting primary research with large samples of buyers, competitors, channel partners and other market constituents. 

Industries: Services

Software & I.T. Services

Network Hub and Cable

​Representative Sectors:

  • Financial management software

  • Industry or domain-specific SaaS

  • I.T. hosting services

  • I.T. security software

  • Healthcare I.T.

  • Software development tools

Business Services &                          Tech-Enabled Businesses

Business Meeting

​Representative Sectors:

  • Business process outsourcing

  • Local government outsourcing

  • Marketing services

  • Logistics services

  • HR benefits management

  • Online education

Manufacturing & Industrials

Construction Site

​Representative Sectors:

  • Specialty manufacturing

  • Field service for industrial machinery

  • Utility & infrastructure equipment

  • Oilfield equipment & services

  • Industrial supplies distribution

  • Specialty chemicals

Healthcare & Health I.T.

Doctor Diagnosis

​Representative Sectors:

  • Physician practice management

  • Revenue cycle management

  • Medical supplies distribution

  • Surgical instruments

  • Multiple health I.T. segments

  • Telemedicine

Building Products & Construction


​Representative Sectors:

  • Commercial HVAC equipment

  • Roofing distribution

  • Concrete / foundation contracting

  • Electrical supplies

  • Lumber distribution

  • Plumbing services

Transportation & Logistics

Fleet of Trucks

​Representative Sectors:

  • 3PL services

  • Trucking services

  • Warehousing and last mile distribution

  • Oilfield logistics

  • Fleet management software

  • Driver monitoring systems

Automotive Aftermarket

Quick Look

​Representative Sectors:

  • Auto parts aftermarket distribution

  • Performance parts manufacturing

  • Specialty parts for vintage cars

  • Driver safety products

  • Auto glass repair

  • Trucking aftermarket


Students in Cafeteria

​Representative Sectors:

  • Online education and training

  • P2E colleges

  • Corporate e-learning software

  • Education payments software

  • School playground equipment

  • K-12 safety solutions

Consumer & Retail

Zero Waste Store

​Representative Sectors:

  • Home HVAC service and repair

  • Home alarm systems

  • Tax preparation services

  • Women's hair accessories

  • Children's apparel

  • Housewares & kitchen accessories


We leverage our experience to bring informed insights about the key trends in each of these sectors. We excel at conducting market diligence, research and analysis across a variety of industries, including rapid and extensive primary research. We know where to find the reliable sources of current data and strategic thinking on each industry.

If you do not see your focus industry here, please contact us - our experience goes far beyond what is shown.

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