Our Services

Lambay Advisors Provides Private Equity Transaction Support & Due Diligence
And Portfolio Company Strategic Support Services


Pre-LOI Rapid, Targeted Market Diligence

Quick turnaround (typically 2 weeks) market-based target assessments used in the Pre-LOI process. Generally involves blind market sampling and secondary marco market data.

Market Diligence Post-LOI

More robust than Pre-LOI engagements, often includes collaboration from the seller / target in the form of introduced access to customers for surveying.

Public Company Diligence for PIPE Deals

Engagements intended to access potential investments in publicly-traded entities through blind market sampling and historical profiling of larger industry trends and company performance.

Performance Diagnostics / Growth Strategy Development

Close look at declining sales performance and/or potential growth opportunities through detailed customer and market feedback.

Assessing Adjacent Markets / Branch Specific Expansion

Granular market profiling to assess either geographic expansion (typically analyzed on the county level) or potential new market entry (e.g., selling existing goods and/or services into new end-markets).

Market Testing New Products /
VoC (Voice of the Customer)

Detailed customer feedback gathering to gauge interest (i.e., likelihood of adoption) of new products and/or services.  Similarly, VoC efforts can also focus on gathering feedback on existing usage.

An Unparalleled Approach

Regardless of the type of services we are providing, the philosophy at Lambay Advisors is the same: Findings are only as actionable as they are reliable, which is why we pride ourselves on our industry-leading data management techniques and best practices. Lambay works tirelessly to provide our clients with pressure-tested and cross referenced insights.


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