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Lambay Advisors provides market diligence services to private equity investors for transaction support and growth strategy consulting for PE-owned companies.

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Private Equity Services

(Pre-LOI) Rapid Market Diligence

Fast turnaround (typically 2-3 week) market diligence used in the pre-LOI phase to help private equity investors prepare their bid. Typical focus is on initial market sizing, growth analysis and competitive assessment with extensive use of blind primary research and secondary research.

(Post-LOI) Market Diligence

A comprehensive market assessment with in-depth market sizing, growth forecasting, demand drivers analysis, and competitive analysis. May include collaboration from the seller via introductions to customers for VoC interviews to marry with our own blind primary research effort.

PIPE Deals

Advising PE investors taking equity stakes in public companies by assessing macro industry trends, competitive dynamics and company financial statements. Typically fast timeline projects entailing extensive secondary research, including equity research, and blind surveying of the market.

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Typical Deliverables from a Lambay Market Diligence Engagement:

  • Market size and segmentation

  • Market growth forecast and demand drivers analysis

  • Competitive landscape and dynamics

  • Industry value chain

  • Customer buying decision and criteria

  • Benchmarking competitors on customer KPIs

  • Strength and health of target company's customer relationships

  • Assessment of target company's growth opportunities

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Portfolio Company Services

Assessing Growth Opportunities &    Growth Strategy

We can generate the hard market data and insights that companies need to screen their various growth opportunities - new products, verticals, geographies, sales channels etc. - and develop / refine their growth strategy and action plan, including business case / ROI analysis.

Diagnosing Lagging Sales

Diagnosing the root causes of under-performing sales of product lines or business units using extensive market, competitor and customer research combined with forensic analysis of company sales and customer data; the goal is to set priorities for corrective action.

Expanding Footprint of Location-Based Business

Advising geographically-focused companies (e.g. building product distributors, home service providers, local healthcare providers) on their opportunities in existing and new cities, states or MSA-level markets using geographically targeted primary and secondary research and analysis.

Market Testing New Products

Primary research with the target audience to quantify likelihood of buying a new product or service. Goal is to gauge market interest to forecast sales potential at various price-points, and quantify ROI for the client.

Competitor Intelligence

Gathering insights and hard data on current dynamics among key players in the competitive landscape using published research and our own primary research with industry experts and key constituents.

International Markets

Lambay has advised an array of PE-owned companies on entering overseas markets in Europe and Asia - including in software, specialty manufacturing, building products, and consumer devices.

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An Unparalleled Approach

Regardless of the type of engagement, our philosophy at Lambay Advisors remains the same: findings about an industry  market are only as actionable as they are reliable, which is why we pride ourselves on our proprietary, industry-leading data management and quality control best practices. Lambay works tirelessly to provide our clients with pressure-tested and cross referenced data, insights and analyses about their target industries, markets and companies.

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