Our Approach

The Lambay approach provides fact-based, unbiased answers to our clients' questions about their markets, customers, competitors and growth opportunities, providing the foundation for better decision making. We do this by leveraging extensive secondary research on industry data combined with primary research with customers, distributors, competitors, to gather the hard data needed to feel confident about a market evaluation.


Extensive Market Research

Lambay integrates qualitative data with qualitative insights, which it gathers through a host of primary and secondary resources.

Leveraging Of Industry Experts

Lambay regularly engages with individual industry experts (through both panel partners as well as on a contractual basis) to further deepen our findings.

Fast Turnaround


We fully understand the time-sensitive nature of our clients ‘ needs.  Lambay works expeditiously to always meet our clients’ deadlines.

Intuitive & Usable Deliverables

Just as we place a premium on data quality, Lambay packages our findings into easily digestible deliverables that are easy to for clients to reference and use.

Data Diligence & Best Practices

Central to our approach is our dedication to our industry-leading data diligence practices.  We fully subscribe to the thinking that our findings are only as actionable as the data supporting them is reliable, which is why we work continuously to verify the veracity of all data and insights used in our projects.

In addition to leveraging multiple sources in order to be able to conduct cross-referential comparisons (i.e, comparing the implications of one dataset against that of another), Lambay also carries out rigorous QC practices on all primary research collected, which is particularly important for those gathered through online research.  This includes looking at meta-data (IP addresses, geo-data, time of engagement) as well as closely examining the results of each respondent and following-up to verify and/or clarify when needed.

While other consultancies may employ some degree of QC, the difference is one of degrees.  At Lambay, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our findings include verified respondents only as we know that our findings are being used to make consequential decisions - be those pertaining to pre-LOI or a new product / concept test.


Why Use Lambay Over Other Firms

Elite "Big 3" Consulting Firms

"Elite" consulting firms are attractive from the perspective of brandname recognition and talent, but do not offer the same level of attention as a smaller, dedicated firm:

  1. Rarely is senior management engaged, meaning projects do not benefit from the same degree of experienced involvement.

  2. "Elite" consultancies tend not to be dedicated due diligence / growth strategy service providers, rotating team members in and out of the practice.

  3. Lambay offers exceptional caliber work for a fraction of the cost, priced for middle market investors and companies.

Panel Vendors

While the prospect of working directly with panel vendors might be enticing for those looking to save on costs, there are several areas where they fall short:

  1. Panel vendors do not subject their datasets to the same degree of scrutiny, making for a higher percentage of fraudulent and inaccurate responses.

  2. Limited to the depth and findings of their own panel – Lambay always leverages several sources in order to compare findings.

  3. Lack presentation experience – i.e., findings are not fully synthesized and displayed in a visually digestible fashion.

"Specialist" Consultancies

Lastly, we are often asked to compare our value to consultants that "specialize" in a particular industry. We believe we offer important advantages:

  1. We operate with no hidden biases or preconceived notions - our insights are derived from an extensive process of gathering data and insights from the market.

  2. We enable our clients to make decisions based on multiple data points rather than one single viewpoint.

  3. In practice, we have deep experience and expertise across a range of industries.


"Lambay always delivers.  They provide us with industry-leading quality work priced appropriately.  They are also flexible and collaborative." -Lambay Client


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