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Our Approach

The Lambay approach provides data-driven, unbiased answers to our clients' key questions about their industries, markets, customers, competitors and growth opportunities, providing the foundation for informed decision making about investment opportunities and value creation.

On every engagement we do, we leverage whatever secondary research is published on the industry married with our own proprietary primary research data gathered from interviewing customers, channel partners, competitors and other constituents to gather the hard data and qualitative insights needed to deliver a complete and credible picture of the market opportunity. 

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Extensive Market Research

Lambay integrates hard data and analysis with qualitative insights that we gather through secondary research and our own extensive primary research.

Leveraging Industry Experts

We engage with industry experts from our network or sourced through third parties to access value-added, deeper insights about the market in question.

Rapid Timeframes

As a PE-focused firm, we understand the time-sensitive nature of transaction processes and work expeditiously to meet clients' deal timeframes.

Intuitive & Insightful Reports

We understand the type of data and analyses that investors need to make decisions and how to present it. We package our findings into digestible reports tuned to our PE clients' needs.


Lambay Best Practices For Data Quality Control

Central to the Lambay methodology is our dedication to industry-leading data diligence practices.  We firmly believe that our findings about an industry and investment opportunity are only as credible and actionable as the data supporting them is reliable, which is why we work continuously to verify the veracity of the data and analyses in our reports.

In addition to leveraging multiple research and industry sources to conduct cross-referential comparisons, Lambay carries out rigorous QC on all of our primary research data. This includes looking at meta-data as well as forensically examining each survey response and following-up to verify and clarify when needed.

While other consultants may employ some level of QC, the difference is one of degrees. We have seen enough of our competitors' work to spot the data holes and inaccuracies that came from a poor research methodology or QC failure. At Lambay, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our data and analyses are credible and reliable because we know our findings are being used by clients to make consequential decisions.

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Why Choose Lambay Over Other Options

Brand Name Strategy Consulting Firms

While the big "brand name" strategy consulting firms may be attractive from the perspective of brand reputation, they do not offer the same level of attention for middle market PE investors and companies:

  • Lambay offers exceptional caliber work for a fraction of the cost of "elite" firms, priced for middle market investors and companies.

  • At big firms, senior management is typically not engaged in the day to day of the project, meaning clients do not benefit from the same degree of experienced involvement as with Lambay, where our leadership stays fully involved throughout.

  • Unlike Lambay, these big consulting firms are focused mainly on their corporate strategy practices rather than on private equity, and rotate staff in and out of their PE practices regularly. At Lambay, private equity is our business.

Industry Expert Consultants

We are often asked to compare our capabilities to consultants that "specialize" in a particular industry. We offer important advantages:

  • We operate with no hidden biases or preconceived notions about the target industry - our insights are derived from an extensive process of gathering independent data and insights from the market via extensive primary and secondary research.

  • We provide our clients with a comprehensive picture based on multiple perspectives and inputs from constituents across the industry (customers, competitors, channel partners), rather than a single viewpoint from one expert.

  • In practice, we have deep experience and expertise across a range of industries from our 500+ engagements spanning more than two decades.

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