Experienced consultants providing robust market-focused analysis and research services to private equity investors and portfolio company management teams


What We Do

We excel at helping clients better understand their markets – building fact bases of market data and insights to drive better decision making.

We specialize in evaluating niche, poorly understood industries where limited market data exists. We have deep experience across multiple industries, enabling us to quickly compile invaluable insights and market data from primary and secondary research. We provide strategic thinking with no preconceived notions – an unbiased, independent view to get to “the answer," supported by hard data from the market.  We have strong operating experience inside companies – we recognize that our clients care about execution and producing results.  We offer a cost-competitive solution relative to mainstream consulting firms, enabled by the strength of our talent and focused approach.

Business Meeting

Private Equity

  • Pre and post-LOI market diligence studies for new investments

  • Industry assessments

  • Acquisition screens


Growth-Oriented Companies

  • Growth opportunity assessments 

  • Growth strategies and strategic planning

  • Voice of the customer research

  • Competitor intelligence


Why Work With Us

Excel in niche industries where limited data exists

We excel at helping PE investors “go deep” on the industries they’re investing in - building proprietary market datasets and insights to drive informed decision making.

Unmatched quality control processes

Our extensive QC process for primary and secondary research data differentiates us from other firms, ensuring clients get reliable, credible market data and insights that they can trust.

Superior client service

Unlike big consulting firms, Lambay’s leadership are intimately involved in projects. Our MDs don’t delegate to mid and junior staff – they like being hands on!

“Punch above our weight”

We provide exceptional caliber work, comparable to the “Big 3” consulting firms, for a fraction of the cost.


"Lambay has helped us better understand new market opportunities across multiple verticals over the years.  They are collaborative and deliver trustworthy insights for time-sensitive engagements.  They are our go-to advisor for niche, nascent, and mature markets alike." - Lambay Client


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